Expo 2020 Dubai to help drive VAT revenues over $8bn this year


Date: 14 Aug, 2019

External URL: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/politics-economics/425747-expo-2020-dubai-to-help-drive-vat-revenues-over-8bn-this-year

Increased spending on Expo 2020 will help value added tax (VAT) revenues in the UAE push to over $8 billion (AED30bn) this year, according a Dubai-based tax consultancy.

Revenues will also be boosted by a growth in retail, hospitality, aviation and shipping, but Rajiv Hira, chairman, RHMC Management Consultants, said the huge increases will not be sustained over the longer term.

Hira toldArabian Business: “Considering the distribution of $7.3bn (AED27bn) on account of value-added tax, it can be easily concluded to touch around $8bn (AED30bn), although we will be observing an increase in capital spending at a faster and larger scale, whereas VAT collection will not increase in that speed, due to the following factors: Entities will be entitled able to claim input tax on capital spending; and VAT is already paid on account of advances for the projects related to 2020 (including other capital spendings).”

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