More than 4,500 companies and establishments have been registered since January 2019

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Manama, Sept. 03, (BNA) The National Revenue Authority (NTRA) announced the continuation of the stage of registering companies and establishments for value added.The total number of companies and establishments registered since January 1, 2019 to date is more than 4500 companies and establishments, in continuation of the efforts undertaken by the Authority to achieve implementation Proper mechanisms for value-added, in cooperation with companies and enterprises.

The National Revenue Authority reported that registration is still open to companies and institutions whose annual value-added supplies are expected to reach BD 18,750 and BD 500,000, praising the positive response by companies and institutions in registering value added since the effective date of application on 1 January This year, ensuring that they are collected in the right ways.

The National Revenue Authority stated that the companies that initiated the early registration of value-added will have the right to choose the date of application until the end of the grace period, noting the importance of concerted efforts of all parties concerned to succeed the different stages of the application of value-added, and increase awareness and knowledge of companies registered for value-added purposes technical aspects And its procedural, provide acknowledgment and reimbursement of added value.

The National Revenue Authority has renewed its call on consumers and the business sector to communicate and inquire about everything related to value added or to report any violation of the proper application of value added by calling 80008001 or emailing, in addition to taking advantage of the detailed information available on Website of the National Revenue Authority , Noting that the information published by the device can be found constantly through social media channels Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @BahrainNBR.

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